Installations in New-York

Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre conceives her life as a ready-made, her creations as trophies. She injects art in art, life in art and life in life. She holds high her banner « Nothing is lost, everything is transformed into a second life ».
She will be presenting her installations Second life, Princessement Vôtre in New York, May 2019.

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My installations
They come from my life, from flea markets, from the street; or elsewhere. They are neglected objects, abandoned, they lost their first purpose
I collect them and offer them a second life, as if by magic, guided by my sense of harmony, my humor, my delirium. With amusement and insolence, I assemble them with others and bring them back to life.

Teasing the words, I name my installation and give them a second breath.
My installations, my creations are a mix of all the worlds that I have discovered, explored and kept. Each piece is unique, forever.