Bernadette « en goguette » H 150 x W 60 x D 50 cm Stuffed boar head, with headphones in rubber, lollipop, white silk cushion embroidered with golden thread. Glass plate.


« Broken » but not drunk H 95 x W 55 x D 50 cm Padded leather chair standing on a wobbly aluminum stand.


From all horizons H 60 x W 45 x D 40 cm Birds gathered during my travels – Africa, Sicily, Burgundy
Metal, porcelain, wood, rubber.


The shadows bring good luck H 100 x W 50 x D 5 cm Tagged canvas, good-luck charms – Mexico, India, Turkey, Spain, Montmartre.


The good-luck charms on their own H 120 x W 60 x D 7 cm White canvas, purses.


One must leave on time H 16 x W 40 x D 40 cm Rim wheel, rectangular glass. Topped with a butterfly, a scooter, a rifle cartridge, a snail, two Minis miniatures including one in silver.


I can’t « frame » you H 150 x W 120 x D 40 cm Many frames of different sizes and materials assembled with a upholsterer belt, a painted book cover.


The sea is a trash H 100 x W 26 x D 26 cm Vase filled with garbage, viewed during my one year trip on a sailboat around the world with my two babies.


« Bibiche » among the Sioux H 90 x W 70 x D 65 cm Doe trophy, Sioux headdress, necklaces in coral and stones coming from Thailand, African charms.


The Ibex in confession H 96 x W 38 x D 45 cm Head of Ibex on a prie-Dieu, one flip-flop in similar turf, a periwinkle.


The teeth of the sea H 44 x W 24 x D 35 cm Shark jaw, bearing different miniature fishes, a piece of wood from the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.
The hands of children bring happiness H 66 x W 40 x D 40 cm Indian door handle in porcelain, peacock feathers, mannequin, children’s hands from the 50s.


The Princes of Montmartre H 40 x W 40 x D 40 cm Frogs who toured the world on our sailboat, a cobble stone from the streets of Montmartre, concrete vase, silk and velvet cushion from China.


A bird perched on antlers H 105 x W 60 x D 40 cm Doe trophy, watering can in aluminum, a bird perched on the antlers.


Run for your life H 30 x W 40 x D 16 cm Snail shells, transparent box filled with old European banknotes.


Wearing a hat H 25 x W 75 x D 70 cm Deer antlers, glasses, sequined cap, 19th century table.


The totems of happiness H 25 x W 75 x D 70 cm Old wood with Indian and European totems, shells.


All the eggs in the same basket H 25 x W 80 x D 80 cm Birds in porcelain, marble plate, wood and branches.


The vanities of the 21st century H 60 x W 70 x D 50 cm 3 cranes, clam shell, deer antlers, lampshade in wood.


Column tray H 125 x W 30 x D 25 cm Objects found in women’s bags and men’s suits pockets.


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi H 130 x W 98 x D 7 cm 18th century miniature, frame in silver. (detail)

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